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  • You don't need to prepare every word in the dictionary to be Be a National Spelling Bee Champion.

  • You don't need to prepare every word in the dictionary to be Be a National Spelling Bee Champion.


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2022 World Spelling Championship Competition

What is the SPWSC?

The World Spelling Championship, brought to you by the innovative SpellPundit team, is the centerpiece of an all-new, expansive vision for the future of spelling. Its aims are several: to take the spelling bee to a level of play it has never before witnessed, to bring a new dimension of excitement and showmanship into the spelling scene, to provide a major platform for spellers exiting the Scripps National Spelling Bee to seamlessly transition onto, and in so doing, to establish a stable talent pool of spellers who remain active and contributing to the growth of the game indefinitely. By creating an event with none of the eligibility restrictions that spellers have become accustomed to, the first of its kind on the scale we have designed, SpellPundit seeks to take the initiative in occupying the prime position of this sector of the market, and benefit from the community and industry infrastructure that develops around the World Championship as the focal event of a yearlong season, much in parallel to how the Scripps National Spelling Bee has seen a supportive network of events build around it during the 21st century. Having already established ourselves as a leading player in the spelling industry, SpellPundit now looks beyond those borders to become one of the true household names in competitive academics. In addition to building our own brand, we have also decided to take this step because we feel it is essential to preserve the future of spelling. Over the past few years, the spelling landscape has been dominated by uncertainty and generalized decline, and while the primary catalysts of that regression are fading, the toll these years have taken on the collective industry will be felt for much longer unless something is done to reverse it. However, the power displayed by the top finishers in the recent 2022 SpellPundit Online National Spelling Bee has convinced us that today's greatest spellers are finally prepared to compete with the greatest of years past, and we are delighted to present them with that opportunity, now and for years to come. When many seem ready to give up on the spelling bee as an outdated relic that has exhausted its ability to captivate, we are taking this moment to show that spelling still has a bright future, and has nowhere near run out of potential for innovation and growth. The spelling legends that the World Championship is built for will restore the spark of passion and enthusiasm to spelling that it has lacked in recent years and desperately needs in order to survive. We at SpellPundit are the architects of a new beginning, one that starts in the hands of those who raised the game up to its greatest heights before, and will continue through the untold stories of spellers yet to come.

Pre-Event Specifications

  1. Registration opens in May 2022, and will close one week before the scheduled event date, or when the allotted capacity is fully occupied.
  2. Availability of registration is completely unrestricted, with no distinctions on the basis of age, grade level, or any other consideration. International spellers are also eligible to participate from any country. All entrants will be part of the same field.
  3. The cost of registration is a flat rate of $75 per speller. This higher rate both reflects the scale of the event, and allows more leeway with the prize pool.
  4. Due to currently unavoidable technical limitations, the maximum registration capacity will be limited to a total of one hundred (100) spellers. After this quota is reached, registration will be closed regardless of when it is attained.
  5. Spellers who desire to enter, but who are uncertain of their availability for the event date, may reserve a position in advance so that they are not omitted from the field due to reaching capacity. If they are unable to attend, registration fees are refundable.

Official Materials:

  1. As with other SpellPundit events and the Scripps National Spelling Bee, the official dictionary of the World Spelling Championship is Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Online Dictionary. This may be subject to future review based on necessity.
  2. No study lists or other pre-prepared materials will be used at any point during the World Championship, and material selected will not directly correspond with any particular SpellPundit or other product.
  3. Words listed with regional, dialectal, or temporal labels are valid material for the World Championship, and variant spellings bearing these labels will be accepted as correct.


The event will take place in the summer of each year, with the 2022 World Championship scheduled for Saturday, July 23. It is currently a one-day event; however, future expansion of the event structure may make this subject to change.

Event-Day Proceedings

Competition Format:

  1. The bee will be organized as a traditional spell-off, in a virtual format using Zoom, with no testing or group phases. The bee begins with all participating spellers in round 1, and finishes when the champion is named.
  2. The event will take place over the course of one full day: the semifinals, beginning with round 1, in the morning and early afternoon, and the finals, ending with a champion, in the evening.
  3. Out of the maximum 100 spellers to begin the event, the highest number of finalists who will be accepted is 15. There will be no quotas or tiebreakers to determine the amount of finalists; simply all spellers remaining after the last semifinals round will advance.
  4. There will be no vocabulary or other question formats used at any point in the event.

Speller Privileges and Officiating:

  1. Spellers will be allowed to ask all questions permitted in the Scripps National Spelling Bee: repeat pronunciation, definition, language of origin, part of speech, alternate pronunciations, use in a sentence, and specific root questions according to the established convention (speller must provide pronunciation, etymology, and definition of root). The Roots Judge will handle root questions.
  2. Requests for alternate definitions will also be granted at the World Championship. However, if an alternate definition has a different part of speech, pronunciation, or etymology from the primary one, it will be deemed a separate entry and not be provided.
  3. Unique to this event, possible answers to the question of a word's part of speech may include "phrase" or "part of a phrase", given that such material will be more commonly used at the World Championship level. Therefore, spellers are encouraged to consider asking this question more often when unsure of a word, as its utility may be increased.
  4. Words that are parts of phrases will be given in isolation, but the full phrase will be provided if the speller asks for the definition. For example, for the phrase "Kuiper belt", the word to spell is "Kuiper", but upon asking for the definition, the reply will begin with "The Kuiper belt is…"
  5. As in the Scripps National Spelling Bee rules, spellers will have two minutes to spell each word. The Timing Judge will monitor each speller’s clock.
  6. If a speller believes they have been incorrectly eliminated, they may submit an appeal in accordance with universally established spelling bee appeal procedures. The Chief Judge in concert with the Recording Judge will discuss and decide appeals.
  7. The Recording Judge is also in charge of creating the official round-by-round results for this event.


  1. Spellers must keep their hands clearly on screen at all times during their turn. Failure to do so will result in a warning, and repeated warnings may lead to disqualification.
  2. Each speller must set up a secondary device that clearly displays both the monitor of their primary device, and any elements of the surrounding environment where an illegal resource could feasibly be hidden. This feed will be broadcast live along with the main stream, so any suspicious activity will be publicly observable, and preserved should later review by officials be deemed necessary.
  3. At judges’ request, spellers may be asked to scan their room or show a specific location.

End-of-Bee Procedures:

  1. When the final three spellers remain in the finals, the bee will proceed to the Championship Word List. This list consists of 150 words; however, the championship phase will only go a maximum of 50 rounds, regardless of whether there are words remaining on the list.
  2. If at least two of the final three spellers continue for the full 50 rounds after entering the championship phase, or if 100 words pass without an elimination at any prior stage of the bee, all remaining spellers will progress to the Tiebreaker.
  3. The Tiebreaker is a speed-spelling lightning round, largely identical to that adopted but not yet used by the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Each speller will be allotted 90 seconds to spell up to 30 words, with word information provided on presentation slides, but only the pronunciation given orally. Each remaining speller will receive the same word set. Spellers may say "pass" to skip a word.
  4. The speller who gets the most words correct in the Tiebreaker is the champion; if multiple spellers spell the same number of words correctly, the speller who missed the fewest is the champion. If more than one speller has an identical number of correct and incorrect words, co-champions are declared.
  5. No homonyms or near-homonyms will be given in the Tiebreaker.

Prizes and Honors:

  1. The monetary prize distribution for the 2022 World Championship is listed as follows:
  2. Grand Prize: $3000
    2nd Prize: $1500
    3rd Prize: $1000
    4th Prize: $500
    5th-7th: $250
  3. In addition to the above, the winner is designated with the title of World Spelling Champion, and receives free exemption into future World Championships for 10 years following their most recent victory. Multiple-time World Champions receive a lifetime exemption.
  4. If co-champions are declared, each receives the full grand prize and other awards of the title, and the runner-up receives the 3rd prize. If other podium positions are tied, the applicable prizes will be pooled together and split evenly between all tied spellers.
  5. The honor of World Champion may also come with other special perquisites and promotions, which may differ from year to year at SpellPundit’s discretion.